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The Original Prague chocolate speciality combines the tradition of the old Bohemian tolar coins with delicious handmade dark chocolate of the highest quality. The exquisite filling made from the typical Bohemian fruit – plums – is prepared using an old family recipe and wrapped in a handmade dark chocolate of the highest quality. This unique combination makes an unforgettable memory of Prague!

The first appearance of chocolate in Europe dates back to the 16th century; it was brought here from the land of Aztec Indians. At the same time the famous silver coin tolar started to be minted in Bohemia. This coin was later brought by emigrants to North America and became the accepted currency there – a historical precursor of today’s US dollar..

As no machine can ever replace the agility of 10 fingers, all our Talers are handmade. Each one is an original. Enjoy! or “Dobrou chuť!” as we say in Prague.

Gabriela Rothová Owner

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Original Prager Taler Classic

A handmade dark chocolate coin with delicious plum filling.

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Original Prager Taler box of chocolates

Handmade chocolate Taler and 8 small chocolate coins with plum filling.

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